The Cork Hounds mobile app

You can now search and find dog-friendly vineyards and wineries using the Cork Hounds mobile app for Apple iPhone and iPad and Android Phones. Enjoy many of our great website features, on the go! It’s never been easier to visit a vineyard with your pup.

  • Search for vineyards/wineries near your current GPS location.
  • Search for vineyards/wineries by "city, state".
  • Search for vineyards/wineries by a text string.

All the above features are configurable using filters to narrow your search for vineyards/wineries that allow dogs outside, on their patio, and in the tasting room. The filter also allows you to select a radius in miles. The mobile application is powered by Amazon Web Services, along with many Google APIs, to include Maps, Places and Geocoding. Much like the website, you can get information for the vineyard (address, phone number, website, winery photos, exceptions and tasting fee). The address opens up your phone's native Map/Directions application to quickly get driving directions.

To learn more about the app, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store! Please feel free to submit any feedback/thoughts/experiences using the mobile app to our Feedback page (or forthcoming blogs). Beyond that, we have a lot of ideas for the future! Please keep checking back with us for updates!

The Cork Hounds Skill for Amazon Alexa

Cork Hounds categorizes dog-friendly vineyards and wineries across the United States (~24 States at present) by whether they allow dogs on the grounds, on the patio, and/or in the tasting room. A fully dog friendly vineyard allows all three. To make it easier to find the nearest fully dog friendly vineyard, or to get statistics on the vineyards in a given state, we have released the Cork Hounds skill for Amazon Alexa, which capable of answering these types of questions:

  • Finding the nearest dog friendly vineyard within 100 miles of a given city/state.
  • Finding the number of dog friendly vineyards and the total number of vineyards in a given state.

You can interact with these skills via your Alexa powered device simply by activating the Cork Hounds skill via the Amazon Alexa console, and saying one of the many phrases we support to interact with Cork Hounds. Examples include:

  • Alexa, ask Cork Hounds to find the nearest dog friendly vineyard to {City} {State}.
  • Alexa, ask Cork Hounds how many wineries are in {State}.
  • Alexa, ask Cork Hounds about wineries in {State}.

We hope you enjoy the Cork Hounds skill for Amazon Alexa. We will continue to think of new ways for you to interact with our skill.

While the Cork Hounds site leverages Google Maps APIs, the Cork Hounds Skill for Amazon Alexa uses the Foursquare TwoFishes Geocoder open source project, powered by the Geonames gazetteer. Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.


Cork Hounds is the place to find dog-friendly vineyards in the United States. We love our dogs and we love wine and what better way to combine the two than by going to a vineyard with your dog. Not all vineyards are dog-friendly and even those that are have differing policies on where dogs are allowed on the property. We’ve taken the time to find out exactly what to expect when you bring your dog to a vineyard so that you can enjoy the experience to its fullest. We’ll let you know if dogs are allowed: outdoors, on the patio/porch, in the tasting room or sometimes all of the above! In addition, we have information on tasting fees and hours of operation. Start planning your dog-friendly vineyard trip today by searching Cork Hounds!

* Note: Vineyards occasionally change policies or we haven’t been able to contact them to verify their pet friendliness. If you find that our information is incorrect or can provide us with missing data, please contact us using the form below.

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Our Pledge

We at Cork Hounds believe dogs (and all animals) enrich our world and our lives. Through our mission to connect people, dogs and wine, we pledge to donate a portion of our proceeds to help animals in need. Cork Hounds is proud to support the ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and its mission to save lives as a Business Ambassador. ASPCA Business Ambassadors are companies that help raise funds and awareness for the ASPCA and provide year-round mission support. To learn more about the ASPCA, visit: aspca.org!

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Doggy Etiquette

When taking your dog to the vineyard it’s important to respect the owners, their property and other patrons also enjoying a wine day. That means keeping your dog on a leash at all times and making sure they are happy and calm. While some wineries have areas where dogs can run around off leash, we feel, as dog-wine ambassadors, that it’s important to keep your dog leashed for the duration of their visit. Ultimately it’s about your safety, your dog’s safety and the safety of the people at the vineyard. We want wineries to see that dogs are welcome additions, and to encourage wineries that don’t allow dogs to consider it. So, dogs that are leashed and well-behaved will set the example!

Clearly, no dog is perfect. They get excited, especially when surrounded by new dog friends. That’s ok, and totally normal! With you by their side, keeping them calm and happy, everyone will have a good time. Not all dogs get along with each other and there are bound to be some moments of aggression. As long as the dogs are corrected and kept apart, everything should be ok. The good thing is, wineries have lots of space to spread out, so find a place where you and your dog can enjoy the experience either with other dog-friendly people or off on your own – for some special bonding time.

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